Hello SWANCON goers!
Hope everyone had a nice New Year’s break. We have a few things to talk about in this email. Here’s a summary if you don’t want to read the whole thing.


There are many program items that still need panellists so please have a look to see if you can volunteer for anything.

Swancon’s annual quiz night is on the 22nd January at 7pm at Bar Orient in Fremantle. Buy tickets now!

We will be at the market day at Genghiscon so come see us to by memberships or quiz night tickets.

Quiz Night

SWANCON’s annual quiz night is happening this January at the Bar Orient in Fremantle.

Where: 39 High Street, Fremantle
When: Friday 22nd January 7pm

Tickets available on the Swancon website till the 19th January. Go to https://2016.swancon.com.au/store
Depending on availability tickets may also be available at the door.
$10 per ticket, $50 for a table of 6

Message from the programmer.

My great quest for panellists and moderators kicks into high gear this month. Today we are seeking people for the following program items:

- Unexpected Cthulu. Lovecraft outside the Mythos (needs 1 more panellist)
- There is no shame in enjoying Paranormal Romance (Has 3 panels and a moderator already. Would benefit from a male panellist for hopefully obvious reasons.)
- The Authors of Perth (needs 1+ presenter/organizer)

I’ll go into more detail on The Authors of Perth, since that is more work than many things. This panel was requested to have someone (or a group of people), put together a presentation, listing (as many as possible) of the dozens (low hundreds?) of published Perth SF authors and what they write. Preparing this is a fair bit of work, but it is currently the highest voted item on the program!

We have literally hundreds of requested program items with spots to fill. Don’t forget to check out, vote on, and volunteer for anything not marked in double green, on https://trello.com/b/qms3dhUo/swancon2016-ideas-capture


Swancon will have a table at Genghiscon on Saturday the 16th so come see us to buy memberships or quiz night tickets.
If you would like to help man the table with help from the committee, email secretary-2016@swancon.com.au

Published: 15:04 on Jan 09, 2016
Last Updated: 15:06 on Jan 09, 2016