Hey SWANCON goers,

There is still time to pre-book space your art for the art show! This year’s theme is ‘Space Oddities and Labyrinths’. All mediums are welcome, but please keep in mind space and set up concerns (your life sized reproduction of Smaug may be too big).

Please send details about your art work/s to secretary-2016@swancon.com.au.

More information about the Under 12s, Open (amateur) and Open (semi-pro) categories are on the website.

“But I can’t draw/paint/take photos/make videos/sew/knit/crochet/sculpt!” you say? But can you colour? It’s still making art! This year there will also be a colouring-in category, with a range of geek themed pictures to choose from. Pictures will be included in con bags and also supplied at the colouring-in table in the art show area.

Desiree Heald
Art Show

Published: 13:45 on Mar 15, 2016
Last Updated: 13:46 on Mar 15, 2016