Hello SWANCON goers,
This email is for those who are on panels, (as panellists or moderators), and have not received an email for the program Version 7, and for those who want to see the latest version of the program.

The full program PDF can be found here

Before the Con

My ability to make changes has gone down this week. But do email me absolutely ASAP if you need a change. The program enters final lock down at 5PM, Thursday 17th. It goes to press on Friday 18th.

If you need to contact me about changes please use the text “SC2016Program7” in the email subject. (programmer-2016@swancon.com.au)

I remind people again that if you need a panelist pass (i.e. are not intending to purchase membership for the day of your panel please email me, including the string “SC2016PanellistPass” in the subject line.

Finally: if you are purchasing Con membership, you need to pay for your membership before Friday 18th, for me to print you an awesome con-badge that lists your panels on the back. (demo )

The full program PDF can be found here

AV/Presenting Gear

This con’s gear is very similar to past years. The basic gear is a sound system and a projector. Presenters need to organise their own laptops. We have a wide array of adaptors, so that will not be a problem.

The exception to this is any items in Hammersley South, which does not have any AV — it is a small room. It is on Thur/Fri/Sat/Monday a round table discussion room. On Sunday it is laid out for panels/presentations, but still has no AV. If you need a projector for your item that is currently scheduled in Hammersley South get in touch with me ASAP and I will swap it into another room at the same time.

Only Hammersley South has a whiteboard. If your item in another room needs a whiteboard, your options are to go grab the one from Hammersley South before the item starts, or to use the giant sketch pad (which will either be in each room, or be waiting behind the reg desk — please enquire before your panel)

Panellists and moderators should contact each other this week and next and check you are on the same page. The links in the names above (next to your items) will let you email them.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the convention.
Kind regards
Head Programmer

Published: 13:36 on Mar 15, 2016
Last Updated: 13:38 on Mar 15, 2016